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Harrison Tasoff
Science Journalist

Harrison Tasoff is a science and environmental journalist. Originally from Los Angeles, Harrison earned his B.A. in mathematics at Swarthmore College. A graduate of NYU’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program, he is currently working at UC Santa Barbara and freelancing.

Harrison Tasoff covers stories across diverse fields, from conservation to astrophysics, with a particular affinity for ocean issues. He writes for adults, children, and specialists, and produces videos, audio stories, and press releases. His work has appeared in outlets such as Scientific American, Smithsonian,, Live Science, and Hakai magazine.


He pursued his curiosity into the natural sciences, and along the way, became just as interested in sharing discoveries as making them. After four years studying mathematics Harrison came realize that, although math is beautiful, he wouldn’t be satisfies carving out a career in a single field. That’s when he channeled his enthusiasm and unbridled curiosity and transitioned into a career in science journalism.


Harrison believes that everyone should have access to our efforts to understand the world. He aims to connect people with the fruits of discovery, and the theories in which they fit, in a manner that promotes understanding. Harrison dives into some of the great fields of our age — like gravitational waves, climate change, and space exploration — to reveal the broadening boundary of human knowledge. He also revels in exploring the science behind quirky conundrums, such as why fish don’t swim upside down.


When he’s not writing or reviewing science documentaries, Harrison enjoys hiking, tidepooling, and rockhounding. He also carves and grows bonsai.

Harrison Tasoff
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